About Us

Your back is a major determining factor in your daily lifestyle and an injury to your back is an injury to other parts of your body. This means you back deserves the best attention and care it can get. A healthy and perfect back form (free from back pain and aches) guarantees maximum performance in your day to day activities.


This and many more are why Swell Posture was created. To provide an effective solution that prevents and alleviate back pain, neck pain, bad posture and ensures overall healthy living.


Swell Posture is something more than just a brand. We are humans with passion and empathy and we are dedicated to creating products that will help you improve your lifestyle. Without you; our client, we have no importance which is why we have leveraged our expertise, passion and several other resources to produce the perfect posture corrector in the market.


We are genuinely interested in your wellbeing and we want you to get the best that you deserve. Our products are pocket-friendly and are made from the finest and very comfortable materials. They are easy to wear such that you don’t need an external effort to help you. Also, you can wear them under your clothes all day long without feeling claustrophobic.


We are here to help you get back in form which is why our products are duly tested for durability and effectiveness, rest assured you will get the desired result in due time.


If you have further questions, you can reach us at info@swellposture.com our staff is available 24/7 to ensure all your needs are met.