Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women
Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women
Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women
Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women
Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women
Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women

Swell Posture™ Corrector for Men & Women

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Poor posture can have many negative effects on your health and appearance. It causes stress, back pains, headaches, reduces energy level, muscle tension, breathing problems, and self-esteem. Swell Posture can naturally correct your bad posture.

Our posture trainer is designed to realign your shoulder and spine into the perfect position. After your body adjusts to wearing our brace, muscle memory will form to help you naturally adjust to your new healthier posture.


  • Shoulder Support Brace
  • Your Upper Back will be pulled back to its right position.
  • Improves your whole body posture during work or life

Adjustable Size

  • An adjustment from 28 to 48 inch in chest circumference
  • Figure 8 Back Posture Corrector
  • With breathable and latex-free adjustment strap

Applicable Anytime

  • Ideal when you are sitting on the computer or driving a car
  • Also good when you are playing sports or gardening
  • While doing your housework or watching TV at home


  • Can be worn under or over clothing comfortably
  • Corrects your posture all-day
  • You can put on and lets you adjust it by yourself

Daily Use

  • Wear it for 10-20 minutes only for the first couple of days
  • Then add 10 minutes every day
  • This lightweight back support

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will this weaken my back muscles?

Answer: No, it will not. Our posture corrector is not made out of super stiff material that will keep your posture locked in place like a cement vest, nor is that even healthy. Our posture corrector is an aid that helps your muscles maintain the correct posture, acting as a constant reminder to your and your muscles that keep your posture straight. Your muscles will develop over time to maintain it.

Question: Will this pinch my arms/shoulders?

Answer: No, unless you are wearing the posture corrector incorrectly. If you experience pinching either, you are wearing it too tight, or you are slouching your shoulders into the posture corrector too much. Loosen the straps to your comfort level and pull those shoulders back! That's the beauty of the Swell Posture™ Corrector. If you are slouching, it will become uncomfortable, forcing you to keep your shoulders back to regain comfort. It is the perfect way to strengthen your muscles to develop longterm healthy posture.

Question: What size is right for me?

Answer: Our product comes in small, medium, large, and XL (extra large) sizes. With specially designed stretchable materials and straps, it can be adjusted to all body types, men, or women. See sizing chart below:

Small - For Kids/Children Between 40-89 lbs

Medium - For Adults Between 90-150 lbs

Large - For Adults Between 151-220 lbs

Extra Large - For Adults Between 221-265 lbs

Question: Can women wear this too?

Answer: Yes! It's specially designed to fit around male and female physiques.

Question: How long can I wear it?

Answer: Your body will not be used to the new posture so that it will take time. Stop wearing it as soon as it becomes uncomfortable; take a break and wear it again. We recommend not wearing it to sleep. Most of our customers achieve great success wearing it 2-4 hours at a time.

Question: Can I wear it under my shirt?

Answer: Yes! Swell Posture™ Corrector is designed to be sleek so that it fits undershirts or clothing, so you can be wearing it in public without people noticing. But for maximum comfort, consider wearing it over your clothes.